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4 Ways To use Treadmill Safely

Treadmill is a machine used for carrying out walking, running or climbing exercises while staying at a place. This machine has a large platform with a conveyor belt and is driven by an electric motor. It is a very popular equipment for exercising at home. It is even a great way of burning calories at a fast pace. Using treadmill safely is very important because any negligence on your part could play havoc in your life. Inappropriate handling of equipment can result in causing injury to you as well as damage your machine.

Go through the following tips which will help you use the treadmill safely and wisely.

  1. Read the information given on the control panel of the treadmill and ask a trainer or an expert About the basics of starting the machine. Get well accustomed to the features mentioned on machine console like preset selections, Start/Stop button, speed and incline adjustments and body weight input. Also check the emergency switch off button which is usually a large red button in the middle of machine console.
  2. Before starting the machine (for the first time) stand on it with your feet on side rails and select a manual program. To begin with set the speed of belt to 2 to 3 MPH. It is always better to start walking on the machine at a slow speed and when you are comfortable increase the speed gradually.

  1.  Use handrails occasionally. You can use it for maintaining balance but as soon as you get comfortable, swing your arms freely. More reliance on handrails can overstrain your shoulders and elbows. Also place your treadmill in a safe place where there is no risk of any kind.
  2. When you end your workout on treadmill make sure to reduce your incline and see that your heart rate reaches a calm level. Step down of the machine carefully so that you don’t injure yourself due to sudden dizziness.
  • Using a treadmill for reducing weight is an ideal practice but it is more important to follow safety measures. You need to be really careful and take certain precautions before, during and after the workout on a treadmill. As treadmill has a rotating belt so it is very important to wear appropriate clothes and athletic shoes while doing exercise on this machine.
  • Remember that it is very important to maintin your balance on treadmill so make it a practice to look forward rather than looking at your feet because it might increase your chances of losing balance and you fall and get hurt. Never ever try to exercise barefoot on machine as this might lead to burns or blisters on your feet. Don’t try to step off a moving treadmill as it could be really dangerous.
  • Make the best use of treadmill machine to burn your calories and reduce your weight but remember don’t overdo it . Follow the safety guidelines to prevent yourself from any injury.



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