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Amla Oil

NAA (Natural Anti Aging)
  • Amla oil is great for the hair because it’s all natural containing essential fatty acids that helps strengthen the hair follicles condition and improve the hair while the oil uses its ability to bind iron and cooper.
  • If you are suffering from dry and itchy scalp, Amla oil can penetrate and treat the scalp. Amla is a powerful natural anti oxidant that prevents graying and hair loss. It is the richest known source of Vitamin C in natural form.
  • Amla oil is known to be effective for hair loss treatment; it’s also used to prevent premature graying of hair, and also removes unwanted flakes of the scalp.
  • The main reason for breakage of hair is the deficiency of Vitamin C, to fix this issue you can use Amla oil directly on your scalp to make a good healthy hair.