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Belly fat melting treadmill workout

Have you ever found yourself pulling in your yummy tummy to put on your pants? Is your stomach stopping you from wearing that dress you bought last summer? A slim waist is possible, you just need proper guidance. Treadmill can help shed your body fat and tighten your tummy by removing excess fat.

Belly Fat means low self-confidence and high risk of health problems. A slim waist is important both for self-confidence and good health and a treadmill can help you achieve that.

Types if Stomach Fat

There are two types of stomach fat: Subcutaneous and Visceral.


Subcutaneous is the outer fat which you can see, like the love handles or the muffin top that hangs over your jeans. On the other hand Visceral fat can be dangerous because you cannot see it as it is found around the organs. Visceral fat can lead to serious health issues. So, loosing this kind of fat is essential. Doing proper interval cardio on a treadmill can help shed this stubborn and dangerous fat.

Time Frame

Losing belly fat is easy and can be done at home if you stay dedicated to your goal.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a healthy weight loss is 400 to 800 grams a week. Weight loss cannot be targeted to a specific body part, like losing 1 Kg just off the stomach. Instead, weight loss comes off all over the body, but losing weight from the midsection which is usually the most stubborn fat might take some time depending on the amount of subcutaneous and visceral fat. To reach your weight loss goal of 800 grams per week, do cardio training on treadmill, for 30 minutes daily.

Treadmill Benefits

Treadmill training will not only shrink your waist, but it will help you improve your overall health as well. Treadmill workout reduces health risks like obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes and stroke. It will help strengthen your heart, boost your mood and help you live longer.

Types of Treadmill Workouts

Interval training on a treadmill will help you burn calories and melt away the midsection. It consists of short bursts of intensity followed by a recovery period. Training on a treadmill by jogging and then sprinting will help to melt the fat fast. Also, adding an incline to your treadmill workout will help to keep your calories burning. Mixing up your treadmill workouts will not only make it more interesting but will keep your body working hard and challenged.

What to Do

Here we have two plans. You can select whichever suits you the best.

If your goal is to whittle your waistline with the bare minimum exercise, follow Plan 1.
Plan 1: Speedy Waist Whittler

Time: 20 minutes a day, 7 days a week

  • Start: Warm-up
  • 3:00 Brisk pace
  • 6:00 Push pace
  • 9:00 Brisk
  • 12:00 Power pace
  • 13:00 Push
  • 15:00 Brisk
  • 18:00 Cool-down
  • 20:00 Finish

Total calories burned: About 100 (based on a 150-pound person)

If you have more time and want to rev up your results, dive into Plan 2.
Plan 2: Lose-a-Size Tummy Trimmer
Time: 40 minutes, 6 days a week
• Start: Warm-up
• 3:00 Brisk pace
• 6:00 Push pace
• 13:00 Power Pace
• 15:00 Repeat minutes 3 through 15 (brisk walk for 3 minutes, push for 7 minutes, power for 2 minutes)
• 27:00 Brisk
• 37:00 Cool-down
• 40:00 Finish
Total calories burned: About 200 (based on a 150-pound person)

What are you waiting for? Get up and move your feet.

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