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Borage Seed Oil

NAA (Natural Anti Aging)

In terms of hair health and growth, Borage Seed Oil has been noted to treat inflamed hair follicles known as folliculitis. This is a disease caused from unsanitary conditions like sitting in or wetting your hair in bacteria infected hot tubes. Borage seed oil can be use daily to treat this problem.

  • The GLA in Borage seed oil is noted for treating dry scalp and dandruff issues. Apparently the oil has great water retaining properties which of course means that the hair is able to stay moisturized for longer period of time.
  • The fatty acid in borage oil works to combat a dry, itchy scalp and replenish it with moisture. Hot days; humid days and unsanitary conditions are all causes of “folliculitis” or inflamed hair follicles. This condition can occur wherever hair grows including the scalp. To reduce inflammation and keep your follicles functioning well, use Borage seed oil.
  • Itchiness and dandruff are caused in the first place by local inflammations and scalp problems and as Borage seed oil is an extremely powerful anti- inflammatory compound, it is going to soothe the pain and even get rid of the itchy sensation. That was the best oil you can use for treating your scalp and hair follicles if you want rapid results.