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Obliphica Oil

Obliphica Oil
  • Obliphica which contains the powerful Hippo phase oil is natural way to fight effectively against damaged, colored and chemically enhanced hair.
  • The Obliphica moisturize and strengthens hair, protecting it from the environment. Natural UV filter create a screen against sun exposure, delaying the process of ageing, graying and hair loss.
  • Obliphica treatment for all hair types is the ultimate nourishing and styling products that can be used on any hair type to feed and strengthen hair. Vitamins are nutrients feed hair while eliminating frizz and adding shine. This oil improves the health of hair and provides a smooth and silky hair.
  • Obliphica oil is rich in natural vitamin E and C, restores damaged haired and brings back the luster of your hair. Enhances hair’s elasticity and balances moisture, infuses the hair shaft with nourishment to instantly amplify fine, thin hair. Helps smoothing the follicles, hair is easier to style for a beautiful healthy look.