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It is been proven by the studies that whether you run outdoors or you run indoors, the calorie burn will be the same. But when you run outdoors then you have to wear a gadget to count the calories and to measure the distance.

But when you run on the treadmill, your complete concentration is on running as every possible gadget is inbuilt in the treadmill itself.


When it comes to women runners then safety is the first thing that comes to mind. There has been news where women and girls get abducted or raped while they have been on a run.

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This is a serious issue and this would have been avoided if the run was made indoors. Not only women but men are robbed while they are on a deserted runner’s path. Running outdoors is always healthy and fun but safety comes first.


Treadmills have a flat base and they provide you a quality running and they come equipped with grades like pace adjustment and inclination. While running along a path or terrain, you may encounter distorted path with shallow puddles and stones.

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You may break your speed or worst, you can even injure yourself badly. Terrains are sometimes deserted and should be avoided during night runs.


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We agree that treadmills are costly, but if you keep the cost-factor at bay then you can see that there are many additional features and not just a start and stop button on the treadmill. You can run at a continuous pace can stop at any time; you can also adjust your inclination and hill climbing. You can also get to note down your heart rate and pulse. Money matter because you have purchased the treadmill and it is human nature that when you purchase something then you have to utilize it. When it comes to running outside then you tend to skip till the next Monday which never comes. Motivation always arises when you see the results which are achieved by dedication.


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When you have a treadmill then you don’t have to worry about the climate. It is very frustrating when the rain interrupts the perfect run. The latest case of smog has disrupted many runners in achieving their goals. With heavy pollution of the city, doctors have advised the running freaks to calm their horses and not to run outside. What is the use of running when you end up sick?

The main difference in running outdoors and indoors is the resistance. When you run on the ground, you have to propel your body in forwarding motion which can be resisted by wind flow and hamper the quality of your run. During inclination adjustment, the treadmill is still and sturdy but on a terrain, you can face steep ups and downs. Running outdoors on a bright sunny day is fruitful whereas treadmill cancels out all the climatic issues.

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