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What all I need to make Gym set for Home Use.

Do you feel lazy in going to the gym daily for workout? Are you sick of the hustle bustle at the gym and want a calm environment? Paying at the gym really burns a role in your pocket? Well, if these are your concerns then it’s time to set up a personal gym at your home. But before taking any decision you need to carefully analyze the equipments you might require because creating a gym involves heavy investment.
Having a gym at the convenience of home or going to a commercial gym is everyone’s personal choice. Some enjoy working out alone whereas others enjoy in the company of people. Prior to the setting up of a personal gym some concerns are needed to be highlighted such as:-

1. Create a gym at a place where you enjoy and can get motivated to exercise. Have an environment suiting your personality so that you can visualize your goal of working out.

2. Plan your expenditure carefully instead of spending on unnecessary equipment. It is not mandatory to have expensive gym accessories in order to achieve your goal, you can even buy  used (second hand) fitness equipment and set up an ideal gym of your own.

3. Once the place for setting gym is finalized and the budget is planned, the next step is the equipment you need to have. Some of the essential equipments can be-


(a) Barbell and plate-It is a very crucial equipment for home gym as all your workouts depend on it. The basic exercises are done with barbell set like Arms (Bicep curls, skull crushers), Back (Barbell row, upright row), Legs (Back Squat, Front Squat, Deadlift) and so on. Get a sturdy Olympic bar and if possible professional bumper plates to carry out stretching exercises.

(b) Bench-It is needed to make the best use of barbell set. Opt for the bench which has incline and decline function.

(c) Kettlebells-It is a versatile equipment and replicates exercises done by using dumbbell. It brings momentum and functional training to your workout.

(d) Rack-It is a very important and also the most expensive equipment as without it leg, shoulder and chest workouts would not be possible. Look for the rack which can easily take attachments.

4. You really need to pay great attention to the gym flooring because good flooring not only protects your equipment from wear and tear but also reduces the sound produced by the equipment. Arrange for foam flooring.

5.Having mirrors in the gym is also a must for some as it enables you to keep a check on yourself  by avoiding mistakes and in getting motivation.

These are some of the basics of setting up a home gym. Apart from these, getting the right technique and having the right program is also very essential. For a one stop solution of your requirements home fitness is a great option. Creating your own gym at home is a wonderful idea if you have budget and space. But make sure to have fine equipment which is reliable, comfortable and sturdy for your workout. Don’t forget to use your home gym regularly and enjoy the benefits of fitness and good health.


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